I bet that whenever you think scripts, you think movies. It is true that the screenwriting industry mostly serves filmmakers. However, scripts are needed for a lot of other things including radio/TV shows, promotional videos, and interviews.

I believe that one day, you will have the need to make a short promotional/educational/personal/inspirational video or advertise your products/services on radio/television. Writing a script makes these tasks easier to execute.

A script is simply a written version of an act, often comprising what to do (action details), words to say (dialogue), and where to say them (setting).

Imagine mobilizing your small crew, ready to shoot, then wasting the rest of the day debating where to stay for the shoot and how to say what needs to be said. Writing a script ahead of time saves you from that waste of time, energy and money that you don’t have. Writing a script is simply planning ahead.

How do you write a simple script? In writing your script, use the first page for the title of the project. The next page should begin with a description of the setting.

I will give you excerpts of a typical script for a video shoot.

A setting looks like this:

Chike’s room. Well lit by a bright bulb. A work desk and chair are opposite the bed.

Create a setting that fits your video. If you are making an educational video, you might want to have a bookshelf in the background of your video or any other matching visual. Be creative. You can’t have Beyoncé’s nude photo in the background of a religious video. Create a setting you can afford. For simple videos, your room or friend’s room can serve, although you might have to decorate a little, if need be.

The next thing in your script should be dialogue. Write what you want to say and how you want to say them. While recording the video, you could deviate a little from the script. However, the script serves as a framework of ideas. It is just like making a speech with notes in your hand. You don’t have to read the notes word-for-word, you only need them as a guide. Example:


Hello guys! This is Chika. How’re you all doing?

Today I am concerned about…

Finally, include directions, if needed. Something like:

Chike stands and takes a walk around the room, still talking…

You will find out that having a script for your video/audio/program will improve the quality of the end product. It is all about planning ahead.

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