Have you ever given up on editing the first draft of your writing? I have, when I was still undergoing training to become a professional writer. A first draft could be so messy that you get depressed and frustrated in the middle of trying to edit it. I know how it feels.

Editing is not easy. In fact, nothing about crafting a good piece of writing is easy. However, you can make editing your work less tedious by being smart while writing the first draft. I will show you how to do this in this article.

The first thing is, think before you write. Don’t pounce on ideas as soon as they emerge. Take time to think them through. Expand the idea. Work its corners. Ask questions about it. Think about the different spins you could give it. Organize your thoughts before you write one word.

It might help you to outline. Outlining means jotting down the highlights before starting to write. For a writer who is just starting out, making outlines will make your job much easier for you and give you a first draft that wouldn’t leave you with suicidal thoughts while editing it.

Take note of this. It is true that your first draft is expected to be messy, but that doesn’t mean you should help it be messy. While writing the first draft, try to use short simple sentences. Make your messages crystal clear. Be subconsciously mindful of your tenses and spelling. But don’t forget that getting the ideas down is the priority, so don’t allow the editor in you stop your creative flow.

In summary, think and mentally organize before you begin. Outlining could help. And be mindful of your grammar while you write, just enough not to disrupt your flow of thoughts.

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Chika Ugwuodo

Chief Executive Officer at ChikaWrites Enterprise
Chika Jude Ugwuodo is the founder of ChikaWrites Enterprise. He is a published writer and creative content developer. His years of experience in the commercial writing industry cuts across storytelling, screenwriting, blogging, book and article writing, editing, online content creation and ghostwriting. He lives to create and write. And when he is not writing, he is teaching others the skill and consulting on projects. He is single and lives in Enugu state, Nigeria from where he runs his business.

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