For aspiring writers, scriptwriting trainees, professional scriptwriters, producers, directors, film executives and scholars, there are many valid reasons to seek a Nollywood script sample. I am a scriptwriter with over 6 years of experience serving top Nollywood clients. However, before I got here, I had to search online for script samples, download and read them to learn better and faster.

I want to provide little bits of information on how to get the best out of a typical Nollywood script sample. If however, you are in a rush, click to download one of the free sample scripts I have written, Detective Branch. It might not be as long as the wedding party movie script which you might find online, however it contains every basic element of script writing you need to learn about, longer than one page script examples littering the web space.

Now, some caveats and important information.

Detective Branch was not written with a screenwriting software

I know what professional best practices say. You should write your script with a screenwriting software, the likes of Final Draft, Celtx and Trelby. Well, the sample script you just downloaded or about to download was written on MS Word. Actually, I have sold many scripts written on MS Word.

This is not to say that Nollywood doesn’t abide by international best practices or to discourage you from investing time and probably money in screenwriting software. This is just a caveat. I might advise anyway, if you are starting out as a scriptwriter, try learning your craft with MS Word or any other free document editing too, Google Docs for instance.

Also a marketing script

Like I earlier mentioned, I am a professional screenwriter, not a filmmaker or a producer. That being the case, I write scripts and pitch to potential buyers. Detective Branch is one of the short movie scripts I have in my stock that serve marketing purposes. So, if you are one of the many script buyers in Nigeria, you might want to assess Detective Branch for its merits. It is far from my best product, but I think it has enough to demonstrate my skills. Hit me up and let’s get you to greater heights in the industry.

Pay more attention to the formatting

I am guessing you didn’t download the Nollywood script sample, Detective Branch, for reading pleasure. You are either a potential script buyer or a writer. If you are a screenwriter, pay attention to the formatting and the use of various screenwriting devices. Even when you have a great story, poor formatting could make a mess of your sweat.

Also pick up one or two lessons about crafting scenes, settings and dialogue. There is no limit to what you can pick up.

It is not a standard

Don’t try to model your writing after Detective Branch, especially if you are a rookie. Don’t make that mistake. Detective Branch is just a Nollywood script sample. It is not the standard. If is far from my best product. Consider it and run with the impressions and lessons it leaves you with.

Be inspired to break away from the norm

Detective Branch, my Nollywood script sample, is not your regular Nollywood story. It has a unique plot with unfamiliar characters. As a filmmaker reading this or a writer, can we be inspired to do something different? The next generation would not forgive us if we transfer the ‘Wicked uncle’ cliché to them as the poster child of our creativity. Now is the time for a revolution in the industry.

Final note

I have a lot of people coming to me with film scripts they would like to sell. Unfortunately, I don’t run an agency. Maybe I will consider starting one. But not yet. For now, I am in the active business of serving clients with top-notch Nollywood film scripts. It is what Chikawrites Enterprise exists for.

Contact: +16038664396 for enquiries and business

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Chika Ugwuodo

Chief Executive Officer at ChikaWrites Enterprise
Chika Jude Ugwuodo is the founder of ChikaWrites Enterprise. He is a published writer and creative content developer. His years of experience in the commercial writing industry cuts across storytelling, screenwriting, blogging, book and article writing, editing, online content creation and ghostwriting. He lives to create and write. And when he is not writing, he is teaching others the skill and consulting on projects. He is single and lives in Enugu state, Nigeria from where he runs his business.

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