You might have noticed, it is a daunting task to break into the Nollywood screenwriting market. Talk to us at ChikaWrites Consulting services and let us lead you into that future you have dreamed of. We will help you create a storyline and guide you to write a well-formatted script, tweaked for the Nigerian film market; find the right clients; and pitch your scripts to them.

Our team of experts who have worked with Nollywood filmmakers for years understand the marketability elements of a Nollywood script. Get all the information you need and excellent mentoring, at an affordable rate.

Content Development

We understand the challenges involved in developing regular, timely and relevant content for your offline and online communication media – book, magazine, radio, television, website, blog, video, Social Media account, etc. We know a lot depends on it.

To succeed, you need a constant stream of inspiration and ideas. You need innovation. You need diligence. And you need solid writing skills. This is where we come in.

Chika Writes Enterprise was founded to ease the burden of content development on you. We help you generate new quality ideas, and present them to your audience in the best way possible.

We take time to understand your peculiar needs as a client and work hard to achieve your specific goals. Working with us means your medium never runs out of topnotch content for your audience.

When you are our client, you are the only thing that matters.


It is impossible to make a good film without a good script. When the script is bad, the producer, director and the entire filmmaking crew labour in vain. Aren’t you tired of wasting time, energy and money, trying to shoot horrible scripts with bad plotting and unreal characters?

Chika Writes Enterprise understands the screen and visual elements. We are trained in writing, storytelling and scripting. Our work is tailored to suit the individual needs of our clients. In developing your script, we consider the factors of desired theme, cultural limitations, technical capability and budget.

Also, if you need simple scripts for your TV/radio show/program, promotional video, interview, documentary, Chika Writes offers you the best of service.

When you are our client, you are the only thing that matters.


Every great piece of writing underwent great editing. And, as a writer, you are not in the best position to edit your work; you need a different perspective. It is no secret that all the bestsellers in the world passed through a trained editor’s workshop.

At ChikaWrites, we have great editors for your great project. We understand that you want the best, and that is what we deliver. We offer both content editing and line editing, with attention to the right details.

You write a great piece. We make it better.

When you are our client, you are the only thing that matters.