If you have an information/idea people need, you have absolutely no reason not to have authored a book. You don’t have to be a writer to be an author. All you need to publish the next bestseller is to have a story to tell or a message to share.

Have you seen books writing by celebrities or politicians who are not writers? I bet you have. Many of such books exist. What you may not know is that those authors probably didn’t write a word in the book. So how did they do it? It was easy. They got professional help.

Kings have orators. Politicians have spokespersons. The orator expresses not his thoughts, but those of the king; the same thing can be said of political spokespersons. In the writing business, ghostwriters are orators for people who have ideas/stories to share but are not skilled in the art of writing.

Ghostwriters are creatives who help you put your ideas into words. The practice of ghostwriting has existed for a long time. It is widely accepted, moral and legal. The worth of a book is the information it contains, not the language of expression. The brain behind the book is the person whose ideas it carries, not the spokesperson.

It is unfair to the human race for you to go the grave with all the information you have. People deserve to know what you know. Your experiences and ideas could drive mankind to its next revolution. So, you understand why you must share. If not for mother earth’s sake, do it for your sake. Earn from what you know.

So, think. What information do you have that people need? Is it a skill? A radical thought? A new way of life? Hacks? Tips? A different perspective to a thing? Whatever it is, decide to author a book on it. Then, get a ghostwriter to be your orator. You have everything to gain from doing so.

ChikaWrites Enterprise does professional ghostwriting. We are not the geniuses here, you are. Use us to profit from your knowledge. We ghostwrite anything at all – books, online articles, Social Media posts, etc. Our ghostwriting agreement ensures that whatever transaction we make stays between us.

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Chika Ugwuodo

Chief Executive Officer at ChikaWrites Enterprise
Chika Jude Ugwuodo is the founder of ChikaWrites Enterprise. He is a published writer and creative content developer. His years of experience in the commercial writing industry cuts across storytelling, screenwriting, blogging, book and article writing, editing, online content creation and ghostwriting. He lives to create and write. And when he is not writing, he is teaching others the skill and consulting on projects. He is single and lives in Enugu state, Nigeria from where he runs his business.

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