The skills we have – editing, content development, screenwriting – are very marketable and profitable. We are testimonies to that. All you need is to be interested and we will train you into a world-class professional.

At ChikaWrites Enterprise, we are not just experts at what we do, we are qualified teachers. We know how to hold you by the hand and lead you to greatness.

We have taken the time to develop curricula for the above-mentioned skills and modules for teaching them, in line with international best practices. Our teaching environment is friendly and encourages participation and creativity.

At the end of your training, we leave you with self-help course materials, written in simple language. Also, we continue to provide mentorship for as long as you need it.

We are responsible for your needs as our client. We can visit you at home or at your workplace. We train individuals and groups.

When you are our client, you are the only thing that matters.